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End-of-Year Gym Show:
A Tribute to the Olympic Spirit at Donoma Gymnastics!

Prepare to be captivated by a unique display of agility and grace at Donoma Gymnastics' End-of-Year Gym Show, where we infuse the Olympic spirit into our gym! Our students will don their special gym show gear - a dazzling, Olympic-inspired leotard or a vibrant T-shirt - as they embark on a journey of celebration and achievement.

The festivities kick off with an energizing warm-up, a choreography infused with the rhythms of the Olympics, paying homage to the iconic Olympic Flame. Led by their dedicated group leaders, each ensemble of gymnasts will proceed to their respective events, ready to showcase the culmination of a year's hard work.

Our younger gymnasts will navigate through creatively designed circuits, a fun and engaging way to demonstrate their burgeoning skills. The older students will impress with polished routines due to their dedication and hard work throughout the year.

As the events close, prepare to be mesmerized by our Team Program's dance and tumbling performance, a dynamic interpretation of Olympic artistry set to music.

The grand finale? Every one of our students will step into the spotlight to receive an award, a symbol of their growth, perseverance, and the spirit of sportsmanship that defines every Olympian heart.

Please mark your calendars for this spectacular event, and let's cheer our gymnasts to victory!


Grab your child's Gym Show Leotard and get ready to celebrate the OLYMPICS!

This Olympic-inspired leotard shines with green, gold, blue, and red panels representing the Olympic rings. Its black base is highlighted with sparkling rhinestones, suggesting a starry sky. Perfect for an end-of-year gym show, this leotard celebrates the unity and excellence of athletes in a dazzling, high-cut design.

Includes Scrunchie.  $45

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GRAB your child's Gym Show T-shirt and celebrate the OLYMPICS with us!

This festive black T-shirt celebrates the Olympic spirit for Donoma Gymnastics’ end-of-year show. It features a row of colorful flags in Olympic ring hues, waving proudly above the bold white lettering. A symbol of athletic camaraderie and competition, it's a perfect memento for gymnasts commemorating their hard work and achievements.  $25

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