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December 1st, 2023 Press Release

Donoma Gymnastics Recognized by TURI and Legislators for Safety Initiative and Equipment Upgrade

STOW – Today, at Donoma Gymnastics located at 181 Great Road, the Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI) at the University of Lowell honored Donoma Gymnastics and its new owner, Lindsey Kersten, for their commitment to safety and innovation in the gymnastics industry.


Following the recent acquisition by Mrs. Kersten, a concerned parent raised the issue of potential PCB contamination stemming from a flame retardant commonly present in foam blocks, specifically the pit blocks widely used in gymnastic facilities. This conversation initiated a rigorous process to replace these blocks, with TURI emerging as a pivotal resource. Not only did TURI provide crucial guidance, but they also provided a $10,000 reimbursement grant to facilitate the replacement of the pit blocks.


Central to this initiative was obtaining support from the Fire Department to ensure the utmost safety for athletes. Stow Fire Chief, John Paul Benoit was instrumental in thoroughly investigating the matter and subsequently provided a letter of endorsement. As a result of these efforts, all pit blocks have been successfully replaced with non-PCB foam, significantly enhancing the safety of the gym's environment.


Lindsey Kersten, the owner of Donoma Gymnastics, expressed her dedication to the safety of students and the local community, stating, “At Donoma, we prioritize creating an environment where children and young adults can develop body awareness, self-trust, and coordination in a supportive and encouraging setting. This grant accelerated the replacement of the old pit blocks, known to contain carcinogens, with a safer alternative, and we are deeply grateful to TURI for their unwavering support."


In addition to the paramount focus on safety, Mrs. Kersten has taken steps to modernize the gym's equipment and programming. Notably, in July, a state-of-the-art Ninja Rig was introduced. This innovative addition offers a diverse range of obstacles designed to enhance strength, agility, balance, and body awareness among participants.


Donoma Gymnastics continues to uphold its commitment to providing a safe and progressive environment for gymnasts, thanks to its dedication to safety measures and the incorporation of cutting-edge equipment and programming.

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