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Team Camp

Finding Inspiration in Yourself

Join us for two weeks of team camp! July 8-12 and August 5-8


The Why

Participating in a team camp can be an incredibly valuable experience for competitive gymnasts. Team camps offer a unique opportunity for gymnasts to come together with their teammates, coaches, and other gymnastics professionals to learn new skills, refine existing techniques, and build team cohesion.


For gymnasts, team camps provide an immersive environment where they can focus solely on gymnastics and push themselves to new heights. They can receive personalized attention from coaches and receive feedback on their technique from other gymnasts. Additionally, team camps often involve team-building exercises and activities that help gymnasts develop communication skills and foster a sense of camaraderie with their teammates.

Overall, participating in a team camp can be a transformative experience for gymnasts. It can help build skills, improve technique, foster teamwork, and create lasting memories that will benefit everyone involved.

Team Camp Experiences

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