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First Quarter Tuition: includes leotard or t-shirt

QTR 1: 9/8-11/9

Second Quarter Tuition:

QTR 2: 11/10-1/28

Third Quarter Tuition:

QTR 3: 1/29-4/8


Fourth Quarter Tuition: includes gym show award

QTR 4: 4/23-6/24

(6/18-6/24 No Classes: Gym Show ONLY)

30 min. class/$215 qtr

45 min. class/$245 qtr

1 hr. class/$275 qtr

1.5 hr. class/$385 qtr

$50 Annual Reg. Fee (sept.-june)

(no more than $100/per family)

Class Offerings

Gymnastics is Great for Kids

They learn to take directions.

They learn body awareness.

They build confidence.

They learn safety skills and build core strength.

They expend energy!

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