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2023 Summer Programs

  • What should my child wear to class?
    Students are encouraged to wear a gymnastics leotard with athletic shorts, tight-fitting t-shirt or leggings. We have new leotards, shorts, and t-shirts in our Pro Shop. Please no tights, jeans, dresses, or clothes with buttons or zippers. Hair should always be pulled back away from the face. Jewlery should be keep to stud earrings.
  • What are the tuitions and fees?
    Students starting from September to mid-June pay a $50 Annual Registration Fee. Families pay no more than $100 total. Students starting mid-June thru August pay a $30 Summer Registration Fee. Class tuition charges quarterly from September thru mid-June. Summer classes are drop-in, and students pay per class. 23'-24' Quarter dates are as follows; QTR 1: 9/5-10/28 QTR 2: 10/31-1/13 QTR 3: 1/16-3/23 QTR 4: 3/26-6/1 (June 3rd Week: Olympic Themed: Gym Shows Week!) Quarter Tuitions match the length of the class. All additional children or a second class receive a 10% discount. Toddler (30 min): $215/qtr Preschool (45 min): $245/qtr Grade school/Warrior/Kindergarten (1 hour): $275/qtr Girls Adv. (1.5 hours): $385/qtr
  • Can we still join your classes after the session has started?
    Yes, as long as there is space in the class you can enroll mid session and we prorate.
  • What weeks are you closed?
    For the 2023-2024 Season classes will NOT run, but special events will: ~November 19-25 ~December 17-January 1 ~February 11-24 ~April 7-20 ~June 9-15 ~August 17-September 2 Our new season begins September 2024 and runs thru August 2025. Our closed dates will change for this next year. When the gym is closed, this means that regular classes and team practice are not running. During some vacation weeks we will hold special events like mini-camps, open gyms, skill clinics, and after school programs. Please be sure to check your email and our social media stream for special events and closings.
  • Can parents watch?
    Parents are welcome to watch from our lobby area. Please consider wearing a mask if you have a cough, cold, etc. ​
  • Do I have to be a member to attend your special events or to book a Birthday Party?
    No! Everyone is welcome at Donoma Gymnastics. But we do offer member prices to students who are currently enrolled in class.
  • What should my child bring to camp?
    Labeled Backpack with the following items -labeled Waterbottle -change of clothes for younger students -soft, comfy clothes for playing in -MASK :) Summer Add-ons -flip flops/crocs -towel -swim suit -sunscreen -NUT-FREE snack (full day should also have lunch) -bug spray -hat
  • What are your Covid-19 Policies?
    We ask all students showing symptoms stay home. Any student positive with covid-19 can not return to class until completing the 10-day quarantine or tests negative. We encourage mask wearing if you or your child has a cough, cold, etc. Please sanitize your hands when entering and exiting our facility.
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